Camping Caveman Style

By Matt Corp | March 21, 2022

This past weekend I had an opportunity to go on a three day camping trip in the Ouachita Mountains located in North West Arkansas. The outfitter I went with is called Snake Mountain Pack Goats. With the stress of a divorced man’s life we can easily fall into bad routines. This trip was important because I knew the physical demand Id have to exert as it was a 3 mile hike in and out, and on the second day we we scouted for turkeys which was another 5 miles in rough country. What was unique about this camping trip where the pack goats. All the gear to set up base camp was carried in by goat.

This camping trip started off cold and rainy. The high was 50 degrees and the low was 32 degrees, but the night sunset was amazing.

What made this camping trip great for me was talking to other veterans and sharing our past experiences. There was a commonality beyond  being vets. All of us went through or is going through a divorce. We were all from different states and had different outcomes, but we all shared in the collective issues post divorce.


Around the campfire we discussed grief, loneliness, isolation, alcoholism, and anger. This was a great venting session to pour out all the emotional baggage all of us have been carrying around.

I’m at home now. Im physically exhausted but I feel great. I recommend to all our divorced brothers to get to the woods and live caveman for a couple days.

Featured Photo by Kevin Erdvig on Unsplash

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