Recommended Podcasts

Rising Phoenix Podcast was started by the founder of Divorced Mens Network, Michael Rhodes.  It is a podcast that is meant for men going though an unwanted Divorce.  The mission of the podcast is to cover all issues that arise due to a Divorce.  Things such as suicidal thoughts, loneliness, anger, thoughts of missing the ex and the trauma that divorce brings and how to heal from it.

A PODCAST ABOUT REAL PEOPLE TALKING ABOUT REAL DIVORCE!! If you need to make an informed decision about divorce…. then you need some type of direction. We do not advocate being professionals but our various life experiences do count for something. Divorce Devil Podcast is a podcast of an exchange of ideas, experiences, and/or opinions from people who have already walked the journey of divorce. David, being divorced for over 10 years and Rachel being divorced for a few, bring their real-life and ying/yang experiences to the podcast while they debate the in’s and out’s of pre, during, and post-divorce. We also will have guests occasionally who have been divorced for quite a while and for others the pain is still fresh. In taking a divorce recovery seminar and eventually becoming a facilitator during his journey, David saw all sorts of people in different stages of healing. Rachel brings her unique Generation X and New Jersey style to the podcast. Listen to some of the discussions and see what may pertain to you, a loved one, or a friend in their struggles. Maybe we can provide a positive spin on a negative experience for you or someone you know. Between Rachel, David, and their guests, they have seen and experienced some very interesting and eye-opening situations and events. Listen up!

Men, are you divorcing, trying to recovery from divorce, or thinking about divorce? This show focuses on REAL divorce challenges facing men. Topics range from co-parenting, parenting alone, parent alienation, dealing with uncertainty and unfairness, how not to engage in toxic situations, how to deal with a difficult ex, self-care, loss of identity, acceptance, forgiveness, being alone, and the list goes on. Hosted by someone who has lived through a tragic divorce at the age of 10, and through his own challenging divorce, Steve will share REAL SCENARIOS, and PRACTICAL TOOLS men can use to not only move through the divorce with less strain, but help them get back to being the father, son, professional, and future partner they intent to be.

New Episodes air every Monday at 12:30 p.m. EST. Hosted by Steve Schleupner, Owner of You Tree and Divorce Recovery Coach.