Welcome - I'm Sorry You Are Here, But Glad You Found Us

By Michael Rhodes | November 3, 2021


I’m sorry you are here, but glad you found us.

The purpose of this site is to help men navigate their Divorce, as well as possible.  Unfortunately there is no quick fix, no way around the challenge you are about to face.  Hopefully though, what you will find here, will make it easier, and more importantly, help you grow and become a better man, in spite of what has occurred.

On this site you will find the following things;

  1. Vetted Professionals.  The people provided here to help you, with everything from how to cook for one to how to get in the best shape of your life, are hand picked and vetted by myself.  At this point, everyone here has been interviewed by me, for the podcast.  But, the vetting doesn’t stop there. One of the cooler features about the site, is that these professionals will be able to be rated, think Amazon, so that as time goes on, you can be confident that what you find here, is of a high quality.  

Another important part of this feature is that professionals will not be able to solicit you.  The groups and messaging features are for members only.  This is an important part of the site for me personally.  I want you to reach out and get help, should you want it, but I don’t want anyone to take advantage of you.  

  1. Curated Content.  You will get blog posts, links to articles, podcasts, and YouTube channels that will provide you with info and insight on how to navigate your Divorce.  Some of this content will come from real men, telling their stories, in the hopes that you will not feel alone, because you are most certainly not.

  1. Groups and Events.  Once you become a member you will be able to access our groups feature.  This will allow you to meet-up with men in your area that are going through the same thing.  In addition our events calendar will allow you to plan these meet-ups.  In the future I hope to partner with local organizations (ax throwing, breweries, restaurants) to make getting together even easier.

  1. Discord Server. Our Discord server is an excellent tool to converse with men going through the same things and we don’t just discuss Divorce.  There are channels for hobbies, sports, dating and we are always on the lookout for channels to build the camaraderie that already exists. In addition Discord is where we hold our weekly video chats.  We use these chats to discuss our lives, not just Divorce, although that obviously features heavily. Check the Events Channel for info and times.

  1. Security.  Making a safe space on the internet is not always an easy task but we are taking measures to ensure that, as best we can.  Our current plan is to verify members by linking their Facebook account, with some additional parameters, profile age, pictures , etc.  This will hopefully allow us to verify that a man is who he says he is.  This is still in the works but is coming.  The Discord server however, will still require Facebook verification, see below.

In addition, joining the site does not get you access to the full Discord server.  Attending our video chats, where you must turn on your camera, for at least your first meeting, or by working with Admin to properly verify you, will get you full access. This aspect, like all others, is taken seriously by myself and my team.  Our goal is to make it a completely safe and secure space, free of exs, lawyers, and anyone else with a negative intention.  Obviously your help is needed in this effort.

I believe what we are offering here will help you through this difficult time.  However, like many things that are just starting, we have room to build and grow, and we will as time goes on.  If you have suggestions, of any kind, please do not hesitate to reach out. 

I’ll leave you with this, while your old life is over, your new one is just beginning, it is up to you to decide if the future will be better or if you are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past.  Join us and start planning that future.  The one where you rise up, a Phoenix, from the ashes of what once was.

Much love.


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